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The piston then acts to draw a vacuum for holding the cylinder and the penis together as a unit. Once a vacuum is drawn, a means for holding the piston at a preferred position is engaged. Significant weight may be applied to the device, or the device itself may contain significant mass so as to apply a stretching force onto the penis.

The device provides a means for stretching a human penis and is quickly and easily applied to the penis and removed therefrom.

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The device enables further weight mass to be applied to enabling a program for stretch training of the penis through the application of incremental weight additions. The device prevents lateral swelling of the penis and provides a means for locking a level of vacuum that is appropriate for holding the weight involved in the procedure and that is also comfortable to the person undergoing the weight training.

Description This application is a file-wrapper continuation in-part of Ser. Field of the Invention This invention relates generally to devices for attachment to the human body such as clamps, belts, adhesives, and suction devices. The device includes a pump body, which is used for removable mounting on a tube in both storage and operational positions. The pump body includes a reciprocating piston having a circumscribing groove of a width to permit axial shifting of an O-ring sealing during movement of the piston within the pump body.

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The sealing device then acts as a valve to alternately seal and open a slot defined in the piston transverse to the groove during the strokes of the piston. The piston is axially oriented with the intake and the tube when the pump is mounted to the tube. Harris, U. Chaney, U. The sleeve is provided with a camming surface that reacts against a fixed cam element on the cylinder so that when the sleeve is rotated it is cammed axially toward the end of the vacuum cylinder in which case the restricting ring is forced off the cylinder and onto the base of the penis.

Yamanaka, U.

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The device contains a sealing device for accommodating a penis inside, the device also has an extracting hose connected to the device, and a pump for extracting air from within the sealing device.

An expandable circular bag provided at the opening of the device and an exhaling hose for supplying air extracted by the pump into the circular bag member is used to expand the circular bag member. Byun, U. The vacuum massage has an elongated, cylindrical receptacle having first and second ends, a deformable cone-shaped member detachably coupled to the first end of the receptacle, and having an opening provided at the central region, and a pump mechanism coupled to the second end of the receptacle.

The receptacle includes a relief valve for controlling Peter First Penis Size vacuum. Osbun et al. A housing vacuum port is removable and mounted inline on a reversible coupler, Peter First Penis Size is received in an open end of a vacuum chamber for housing the user's flaccid penis for vacuum engorgement therapy.

The reversible coupler includes a pair of concentric annular extensions for establishing a vacuum seal with the housing vacuum port.

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A reverse side of the coupler includes an extended coupling nipple for alternate vacuum seal attachment with tubing connected to a manual pump. The vacuum chamber tapers toward the penis introducing end to facilitate the full engorgement of the glans penis. A relative vacuum indicator on the housing permits the user to monitor the degree of negative pressure applied to the penis, Peter First Penis Size may then be adjusted with a flow control knob, mounted on the housing.

The electric motor is a relatively high torque, low energy consumption motor to prevent pump stall. Osbon et al. The vacuum chamber has an open proximal end and a closed distal end. The distal end tapers to provide an integral ramp for expanding a resilient cincture band onto the outside diameter of the vacuum chamber.

A vacuum connector fitting forms at the base of the ramp for evacuation of the chamber. Guard flanges Peter First Penis Size protect the fitting. The proximal end includes a cincture band groove defined about the outside diameter of the chamber, with a plurality of vent holes in the groove, pneumatically interconnecting the exterior of the chamber with its interior.

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A cincture band expands onto the outside diameter of the chamber and advances to it proximal end initially resides in the cincture band groove, where it covers farmaci che influenzano lerezione seals the plurality of vent holes. Once desired engorgement is achieved, the cincture band advances to the base of the penis, which simultaneously vents negative pressure within the chamber by uncovering of the vent holes.

The construction of the cincture band includes a pair or semi-ellipsoidal handles and an enlarged region to be aligned with the urethra of the penis so as to reduce urethra constriction for improved seminal discharge.

The art described above is primarily for the correction of penile impedance. It does not teach a means structurally configured for connecting weight members to the penis. The prior art also does not teach a means for prevention of the swelling of the glans-penis under vacuum. The present invention fulfills these needs and provides further related advantages as described in the following summary. The preferred embodiment of the present invention provides a cylinder and piston arrangement with a sheath for securing a penis into one end of the cylinder.

The primary objective of the present invention is to provide a means for stretching a human penis and to enable this stretching means to be quickly and easily applied to the penis and to be removed therefrom. Another objective of the present invention is to enable further weight mass to be applied to the attachment device enabling a program for stretch training of the penis through the application of incremental weight additions to the device.

A further objective of the invention is to prevent the lateral swelling of the penis in the vacuum condition of the device. A further objective of the invention is to provide a means for locking a level of vacuum that is appropriate for holding the weight involved in the procedure Peter First Penis Size that is also comfortable to the person undergoing the weight training or conditioning.

A final objective of the present invention is to prevent contraction of scar tissue.

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Such scar tissue may occur due to surgical procedures, due to penis lengthening or enlargement, due to Peyronies disease and other surgical and non-surgical causes. Other features and advantages of the present invention will become apparent from the following more detailed description, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, which illustrate, by way of example, the principles of the invention.

In such drawings: FIG.

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The device, as shown in FIG. The wall means 10 provides an aperture 30 at one end, as shown in FIG. Preferably, the aperture 30 is round and only slightly larger than the girth of the penis 5.

US5836864A - Penile lengthening traction device - Google Patents

A piston 40 is movable within the wall means 10 and fitted therein so as to form a relatively tight sliding fit.

Preferably, one or more o-rings 50, as best shown in FIGS. A sealing means 60 is used to seal the penis within the annular wall means Such a sealing means 60 is preferably a sheath which provides a proximal end 65 which when stretched around the wall means 10 adjacent to the aperture 30 forms a tight seal. This sheath sealing means 60 is preferably made of an elastic material such as rubber so that it is easily removed from the wall means It extends distally outwardly from the wall means 10 and, in one embodiment, as shown in FIG.

In an alternate embodiment, as shown in FIGS. The sheath 60 preferably provides at least one annular bead 68 positioned for contact with the penis. The annular beads 68 help to seal the penis within the sheath Alternately, the sealing means 60 may be an annular rubber boot, tape, or other means for sealing not shown.

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As best seen in FIGS. The piston 40 provides such mass as to enable stretch training of the penis 5. In this regard, the weight of the piston 40 and wall means 10 is preferably in the range of 1 to 40 pounds.

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This range of weight has been found to work advantageously in weight and condition training of the penis 5. The piston 40 further provides a means for attachment 90 of an additional weight not shown to it.

Erezione di pressione weight attachment means 90 may typically be a hook, an eye, or any other mechanical fastening means including magnetic attachment.

In the figures the attachment means 90 is a rod threaded into the piston and providing an eye at its distal end. As best seen in FIG.

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